Hi, my name is Chloe. I am 3 years old and CKC registered. I live inside most of the time and love to cuddle with my Papaw. But, I also love going out to the kennels to play.

Hi, my name is Fancy. I am 7 years old and AKC registered. I am a great mother and love caring for my babies. I enjoy teaching them to walk in and out of the doggie door. 

Susie's Schnauzers Mini Schnauzer Puppies in Alabama


Hi, my name is Beau. I am 2 years old and CKC registered. I am still young but having a blast with my older brother and sisters. I enjoy playing tug a war with my friends and biting my brothers ears. 


Mini Schnauzers

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Hi, my name is Milly. I am 3 years old and  AKC registered. I am still a puppy. I am a full time resident of my owners home. I occasionally visit the kennels to see my brothers and sisters.

Hi, my name is Rose. I am 5 years old and AKC registered. I love playing with my babies and other friends. My babies like to eat a lot right now.


Mini Schnauzer

Hi, my name is Bentley. I am AKC registered. I love licking peoples faces and loving my humans. I love running in my kennels and having a blast barking at passing animals. 

Susie's Schnauzers mini schnauzer puppies in alabama

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Hi, my name is Ellie Mae. I am 2 years old and  AKC registered. I am very friendly and love to hug my humans all of the time. Marley and I play most of the day. We take naps after we eat our lunch.

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Hi, my name is Charlotte. I am 7 years old and  AKC registered.I am a caring and playful mom. I love playing with my toys.

Hi, my name is Marley. I am 2 years old and  AKC registered. I am very shy and prissy. Ellie May and I are the best of friends and do everything together.